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your virtual customer care team

V-Care is a veterinary-specific virtual reception team that supports practice teams to provide excellent client care. It is fully customisable for your practice’s goals and your client’s needs.

Vet CX specialises in customer experience, informed by rich data insights and understanding of the veterinary industry. Through our research, we know that 80% of new prospective clients, who contact vet practices, are not offered an appointment. Further, key rapport building interactions are absent in 90% of calls. These two actions are the foundation to providing a best practice customer experience and enable vets to provide care to more animals. Poor customer care also impacts practices financially. For example, depending on the size of a practice, not offering an appointment could easily translate into the loss of thousands of dollars in consult fees every day.

At Vet CX, we used these insights to build a V-Care solution where we can ensure our team, as an extension of yours, treat every caller with the focus and care they deserve.

V-Care offering:

> Scalable solution for veterinary practices of all sizes.
> Disaster proof, cloud-based telephony – 99.97% up time.
> A guaranteed increase in new customer conversion
> Customised call routing, and emergency call pass through.
> Call recording and intelligent reporting technology.
> Remove the noise and interruption of phone calls from your reception desk.
> Supporting you to create a practice of the future.

V-Care Membership Options

Full Service

Designed as a business partnership to supercharge your customer care program. The full service package focuses on customer conversion rates, value-add sales, average consult fee, and life-time customer value and retention.

Our full service option features:

> Guaranteed answer time service level agreements.
> Appointment gap and cancellation sweeping in quiet times to maximise Vet usage and reduce no show rates.
> After Hours Emergency call routing and next day follow up call.
> Driving seasonal promotional campaigns (e.g: Dental, Health Care Plans).
> Increased compliance rates of your clients.
> Change management and staff redeployment training.
> Exclusivity for your practice – we will not provide this service to competitors in your local area.
> Flat service fee based on your operating hours, eliminating penalty rates (ideal for practices who operate late night, weekends or public holidays).

Peak Hours

Designed to manage peak call volumes and increase conversion rates. A base level option to enable practice staff to focus on face-to-face customers during peak admit and discharge times. (minimum hours apply).


When your lines are full or your team are unable to answer the phone, your inbound calls are directed to a virtual team.


 We can pick up your calls after hours so you don’t miss a trick.


Perhaps one of your team members has called in sick, there is a localised reason you cannot answer your phone such as bushfire/ flood or pandemic, or you have an exceptionally busy day. We can help by answering your calls for a specific period. (Prior setup required).


We can support your practice with outbound campaigns to re-engage customers, promote new products or services or to drive seasonal promotions.

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