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Driving excellent customer experience for pets and their owners.

Vet CX specialises in customer experience for Veterinary businesses. We provide benchmarking services, consumer insights, and tailored training packages to help practice owners/managers make small changes and grow sustainable businesses.

We know the pressures that Veterinary businesses face and understand that providing the best care for each animal is the key driver. In a competitive environment where pet owners have options for who they select as their service provider, we know that customer experience is a key differentiator in the market place.

At Vet CX, we partner with practice teams to gain a deeper understanding of their customers’ needs and expectations and provide the tools to set practice teams up for success.

Our services

Customer Care Insights

Our Insights program will allow you to discover what your customers are experiencing when they contact your practice by phone.

Consumer Insights

With rich data and targeted insights, we can help practices understand consumers of today and prepare for the future.

CX Training

We offer tailored training courses to suit individual needs including inbound and outbound phone skills and customer journey mapping.


Need help with your inbound or outbound phone calls? Our V-Care program is the solution.

The Perfect Consult

Master the perfect consult! Learn how communication and consultation skills can improve your professional fulfilment, bond clients and improve business outcomes. Learn what they didn’t teach you at Uni. 

Do you know…

Do you know what your customers are experiencing when they contact your practice by phone? You might be surprised to learn that most practices don’t engage with their customers as well as they could. The statistics below speak for themselves. What small changes can you make to help improve your customers experience? 


ask the pets name


offer prospective clients an appointment


offer prospective clients a recommendation


ask the owners name

About us

Vet CX is a fully-owned and managed Australian business. The company is headquartered in Sydney with clients across Australia and New Zealand. Our team recognise that one size does not fit all in the Veterinary industry and we are passionate about customising our products and services to suit individual needs.

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