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The gift of client feedback… and how to use it

They say feedback is a gift, and its true – if you know how to use it. 

Gaining feedback is key to improving customer experience…but are you confident in using it to deliver better outcomes for your veterinary practice?  

We asked a few clients from across Australia who participate in VetCX’s Customer Care Insights Program to share their best practice when it comes to using client feedback and creating the right environment for CX programs to succeed. We’ve shared some of the best tips below.  

Tip 1: Explain the feedback process to staff at the very beginning 

It’s important to share from the get go what the purpose of getting client feedback is – especially through a program such as mystery shopping where staff will be assessed on their phone manner. Explain to your staff that it’s about improving customer care and outcomes for patients rather than putting anyone on the spot.  

Tip 2: Encourage your staff to share their own feedback about you 

Getting staff onboard with the idea of improving the CX they deliver starts with you! Consider introducing the idea with a challenge to staff to do an audit of the customer experience they think you are delivering – not only will it help make them feel more comfortable about receiving feedback about their own manner of engaging with patients, you might also help to uncover some blind spots of your own when it comes to the customer experience you’re providing each day. 

Tip 3Set up a regular time to review customer feedback together 

Popping a regular time in the diary to chat about the feedback you receive is important in building a culture of CX improvement into the team. Reviewing it together makes it more about team accountability and enables everyone to identify some common values and rules about what delivering a good customer experience means for the team. Seeing the group explore this together sends the message that improving CX is important – it also enables the chance to self-reflect and identify what went good and where there might still be some gaps that need addressing.  

Tip 4: Reward positive improvements to CX along the way  

Be sure to reward positive improvements in CX in order to reinforce good behaviours, boost motivation in the team and encourage a longterm commitment to self-improvement.  

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Customer Care Insights will allow you to discover what your customers are experiencing when they contact your practice by phone. Members of the program are mystery shopped each month and are asked typical questions that pet owners would generally ask. Each call recording is also provided as a coaching and development tool for your staff.